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President's Welcome 2023-2024

President's Message 2023-2024

Your Board is eagerly looking forward to this year of focusing on

benefiting you and our community! We need each of you to volunteer,

travel, join us in our monthly luncheons, or participate in activities that

enhance your opportunities to develop new and lasting friendships.


As a philanthropic organization, fundraising for our community is a key objective of our club. We need your engagement in order to serve those organizations. There are many ways to contribute whether donating to monthly Service Projects, shopping and promoting our fundraising events, patronizing our wonderful sponsors, or stepping up to take an active role in a committee. I promise you every little bit helps!

In the spring, Gin Genetempo and her Nominations Committee will be asking some of you to replace existing officers for the next two years. Please consider responding favorably if asked to serve. I have really enjoyed the camaraderie in my roles on the Board.

​I am always seeking ladies who are willing to say a blessing before our meals. Some prefer to share a favorite scripture or devotion. Please let me know if you would like to do this.

I am pleased to let you know that this year we will be using linen tablecloths as well as stainless flatware. Your Board believes this will enhance our luncheon experience to all who attend.  Because of rising food costs, transportation/fuel costs, and increased manpower costs, our luncheon fees will increase to $21 per person.  I believe if any of us go to a nice restaurant and orders a meal comparable to our lunches with drink and dessert, tax and tip, we would exceed $21.

We are all ambassadors for Fairfield Glade Ladies Club.  Please invite your friends to join us!

May each of you be blessed!

Carol Barnes


About Us


If you want more information on the Fairfield Glade Ladies Club or how to join, Click here to download a Membership Application. 

Membership is open to those who live in or own property in Fairfield Glade as well as any former member.

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