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Ireland 2023

Thank you Sandi-Edwards for the pictures

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Day 1

Clonmacnoise-A medieval monastery that once served as “the crossroads of linking all of Ireland”. One of only a few round towers still standing in Ireland today.

Day 2

A crystal cutting demonstration at the Connemara Celtic Crystal Factory done right before us in minutes all from memory. Truly amazing. 
The cathedral at Kylemore Abbey. We we fortunate to see and hear a harpist performing in the cathedral. Total serenity. 
Kylemore Abbey: A neo-Gothic mansion occupied by an Irish Benedictine community of nuns.  Mansion and gardens simply stunning. 

Day 3

Scenes from the bus—so many shades of green—no wonder it’s called the Emerald Isle. There is a festival once a year where singles meet and you can get the assistance of a matchmaker to “make a match.”
The incredible Cliffs of Mohr that rise to a height of 650 feet from out of the Atlantic. Love the stone walls that were built without mortar that are still standing today. They separe the fields for both livestock and crop rotation. 
Lunch at Durty Nelly’s Pub-a popular destination as it is named for a woman named Durty Nelly a keeper of a toll bridge over the river Owengarney, who legend says accepted payment from those who couldn’t pay in cash with acceptance of a chicken, a few eggs, a piece of home-cured bacon or even a bit of “comfort “ for the lady herself. After being robbed of her life savings, Nelly developed a new recipe for whiskey that was said to have curative powers and people came from far and wide for her “poteen”. Down through the years, the house of Durty Nelly’s has thrived where her hospitality, warmth, and generosity of spirit have remained in this most welcoming of public houses for centuries since her death. 

Day 4

Scenes from the bus of thatched roofs—only a few still around because of the cost of maintaining and replacing them. 
Blarney Castle grounds and structure. Some of our travelers were brave enough to actually “kiss the Blarney Stone” being held upside down and lowered to the stone. 

Day 5

The Ladies Club Travel committee having “High Tea” at the Fitzwilton Hotel. (Not pictured Terri Brown
Waterford Crystal Factory including a demonstration. 

Day 6

Glendalough in County Wicklow. Glendalough means the glen of 2 lakes. This ancient monastic settlement with 2 clear lakes beneath sheer cliffs of a deep valley which were carved out by glaciers during the Ice Age. Truly a spellbinding magical place. 
Powerscourt Estate and Japanese Gardens. Former home to the Lords of Powerscourt. 

Day 7

The Book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin. Ireland’s most precious illuminated manuscript of the 4 gospels of the Christian New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John). These pics are of murals on the wall as part of the exhibit. Pics of the actual manuscript are not permitted. 
On the way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral we drove through one of Dublin’s exclusive neighborhoods where homes cost over $1 million. Because the homes look the same each door was painted a different color so when the men came home from the pub a little drunk they could tell which house was theirs (or so the story goes). Tradition is still being carried on today. 
St Patrick’s Cathedral
At the Guiness Storehouse where we learned about the process to make Irelands favorite beer. 

Day 8

Visit to the National Irish Stud Farm where breeding of Irish race horses is still done the “way nature intended. “
Latest exhibit at the Stud Farm where we were able to experience what it is like to ride in an actual race. 
Our farewell dinner at The Merry Ploughboy Pub with traditional Irish music and dance. 
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