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Fairfield Glade Ladies Club

Chairs of Standing Committees (Appointed by the President)

Committee and Chairs
Community Relations - Chair - Marsha Mellert
Sponsor Procurement - Laurie Inda
  1.  Solicits club sponsors each year for the three sponsorship levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze and seeks event sponsors.

  2. Communicates monthly with our sponsors about the upcoming meeting and secures their reservations. Then communicates that information to the Reservations Committee. Announces and welcomes our sponsors to the monthly meeting. Creates a monthly Community Relations Report.

Nominations  - Gin Genetempo
  1. Seeks candidates and presents a slate of officers with one candidate for each elected office at the April meeting every other year.

  2. Conducts the election at the May meeting, allowing for any nominations from the floor.

  3. Installs the elected officers for two-year terms at the June meeting. 

  4. Presides over any special election necessary to fill a vacant President-Elect position. 

Publicity - Co-Chair/Webmaster - Jennifer Sipe
                 Co-Chair/ Historian - Virginia Carlson
                 Publicity Writer - Catherine Henderson
                 Mary Ann Urban - Social Media
  1. Manages the website and electronic communications.

  2. Archives written and photographic records of the yearly events of the Ladies Club.

  3. Writes articles for local newspapers.

  4. Coordinates Social Media postings including photos

Reservations - Co-Chairs Anita Lawrence and
                                           Mary Hood

Take and records reservations for monthly  Luncheon Meetings. Compiles list of attendees for each luncheon to be sent by Webmaster.

Scholarship - Chair - Colleen Mall

Works jointly with Roane State Community College and the TN College of Applied Technology in Crossville, to award scholarships to returning adult students residing in Cumberland County.   

Service Projects - Chair - Lin Marten

Selects nine 501c(3) charities to sponsor at each monthly meeting except April. The chair or a designated committee member collects money or items prior to the meeting and gives a report of donations during the meeting. Money is totaled and given to Treasurer with required documentation. 

Travel - Chair - Sandi Edwards

Plans trips from start to finish across the U.S, ranging from 1-day to multi-day trips.  Trips are offered at cost, plus 2% markup for the Club’s fundraising.  Contracts with tour agencies for trips outside the U.S. and exceptional tours within the U.S.

The purpose of the trips are twofold:

  1. fundraising for the Club and

  2. socialization between Club members.

Our trips are not only exciting and informative but it is so much fun getting to know one another!

Ways and Means  - Co-Chairs Mary Ann Urban and Deni Donovan

Plans and executes all fundraising events and sales except the Fashion Show.  Always thinking of WAYS to raise funds so that we have the MEANS to support the club's charities and scholarships.

Others Appointed
Parliamentarian - Becky Price

Fashion Show - Co Chairs Janice Cahill

                           and Claudia Brooks

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