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Fairfield Glade Ladies Club

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Table of Contents

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Article I:   Name of Organization 

Article II:  Purpose

Article III:  Membership

Section 1.  Eligibility

Section 2.  Membership Year

Section 3.  Dues

Section 4.  Fees

Article IV:  The Board

Section 1.  Purpose

Section 2. The Board Composition

A.  Elected Officers

B.  Standing Committees

Section 3. General Responsibilities

  of the Board Members

Article V:    Meetings

Section 1.  The Board Meetings

Section 2.  Membership Meetings

Section 3.  Executive Committee Mtgs

Section 4.  Parliamentary Authority

Article VI:    Nominations and Elections

Section 1.   Nominations

Section 2.  Elections

Section 3.  Installation of Officers

Section 4.  Term of Office

Article VII:    Vacancy of Elected Officers

Section 1.   President

Section 2.  President-Elect

Section 3.  Vacancies of Remaining

Elected Officers

Section 4.  Resignation

Article VIII:   Amendments

Article IX:     Non-Discrimination

Article X:      Dissolution


January 1994

August 1996

February 1999 – Article ll

June 1999 – Article Vl

April 2001

November 2003

March 2006 - Article X, By-Laws #4

April 2009

July 2012

March 2015 – Consolidation of Constitution, Bylaws & Policies

into one document

August 2018

June 2019

May 2021

January 2023

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