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Rhododendron Festival trip-Day 1 Greenville, TN

Thank you Sandi Edwards and Christine Garbo for the photos

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Historic Greenville TN. Downtown is getting some beautification with street upgrades but the General Morgan Hotel had a welcome reception for us with punch and cookies and I got a few shots of the Williams Dickson Mansion. Greenville is full of old historic buildings including the old Capitol theater building still in use today as a movie theater. 
Rhododendron Festival trip-Day 1 Greenville, TN
2 shots up close of the cannonball still visible in the wall of the First Presbyterian Church from the Civil War battle between Union  and Confederate troops under General Morgan in which he was shot in the back and killed while trying to escape the Union troops. 

Rhododendron Festival Day 2 

First 5 pics are at the Roan Mt. Visitors Center. The rest are from the Rhododendron Festival including some Festival food, the stage where kids were doing Celtic dancing.  The rest are at the Rhododendron Gardens (6,000 feet elevation) where the flowers were just starting to bloom. 
Happy Traveler Photos From Christine Garbo
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